F-Secure Offers Support To Vista

F-Secure has updated its F-Secure Internet Security 2007 (FSIS2007), as well as the F-Secure Anti-Virus 2007 (FSAV2007) to include support for the Windows Vista operating system.

Prevx upgrades its enterprise-class anti-malware tool

Prevx announced the availability of Prevx 2.0 for enterprises, small and medium businesses and consumers. Prevx 2.0 enables users to manage IT security from a position of knowledge.

SanDisk introduces two secure USB flash drives

SanDisk has introduced Cruzer Professional and Cruzer Enterprise, two USB flash drives that deliver strong security and state-of-the-art speed to business users.

Download Data Encryption Toolkit for Windows Vista

Encryption is the most accessible solution when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. And in this context, both Windows Vista and Windows XP come with built-in data encryption capabilities.

The Art of Software Security Testing

Fuzzing File Formats:Applications such as Web browsers, image viewers, and media players regularly process files provided by untrusted remote users.