Encryption: Do It Today or Pay Tomorrow
Mon, May 21 2007
On the surface, encryption has always seemed a no-brainer. Why expose confidential information to prying eyes when you could protect it by scrambling it?

Google in bug-hunt bull's-eye
Mon, May 21 2007
Search engines are the next target of a "Month of Bugs" campaign, a Ukrainian security researcher said. Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com are all in the firing line.

VoIP phone with encrypted security
Mon, May 21 2007
Everpeace Technology has released the EP-880, an encrypted VoIP phone that integrates frequency domain scrambling technology and can block phone-tapping devices. It supports the PSTN network and standard PBX systems.

IBM ISS announces its speediest IPS model
Mon, May 21 2007
IBM's Internet Security System division has announced its highest-speed intrusion-prevention system, with a top throughput of 15Gbps.

Symbian malware escapes Russia
Mon, May 21 2007
Malware profiteers have created a trio of smartphone Trojans that send out premium-rate SMS messages from infected Symbian S60 devices,.

Vista Encryption Cannot Stop Kernel Hacks
Mon, May 21 2007
The encryption technology integrated into Windows Vista delivers no line of defense against attacks directed at the operating system's core.

Treo has released security patch for Treo 650, Treo 680 and Treo 700p
Sun, May 20 2007
The new security patch fixes the following issues, When the Treo 650 smartphone password protection is enabled, the password protection can be partially circumvented by running the Find feature while on the "Make Emergency Call" screen.

New and 'improved' Gozi Trojan version on the loose
Sat, May 19 2007
A new, stealthier version of a previously known Russian Trojan horse program called Gozi has been circulating on the Net since April 17 and has already stolen personal data from more than 2000 home users worldwide.

Verisign launches a Firefox add-on to display security of the website
Sat, May 19 2007
Verisign Inc. has announced the launch of a new add-on for the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Symantec: More Chinese hackers, more skilled.
Fri, May 18 2007
China's hacking scene appears poised for growth, as the number of Internet users rise with a commensurate interest in criminal hacking and government spying, according to a new Symantec study.